Why MS Dynamics can benefit your business

A couple of business scenarios

Scenario 1

Business setting summary: The office receives a phone call and one of the call handlers answers. The call was from a new lead which the Sales team will most certainly want to know about.

Typical user story: The call handler jots down the details on a notepad, then writes an email containing these details and sends it to the Sales team. The call handler then does not know if there was any follow up on the lead unless she is proactive and goes out of her way to ask the sales rep who dealt with it which leads to another problem, which sales rep from the sales team picked up the email?

With Dynamics 365: CRM is open on the call handlers computer and they create a new lead, add the name, telephone number, email address and description of the enquiry on a new record. They now end the call and assign the new lead to the sales team. Behind the scenes an automatic email is sent to the sales team containing all details of the phone call and provides a link to a queue this lead is currently sat in. Any sales rep can now click the link and then assign themselves the lead and follow it up. The call handler can go into CRM and see which member of the sales team owns this lead and also see their last correspondence should the lead call back to chase up their enquiry.  Time is saved, confusion is not a problem and automatic background processing handles the mundane tasks.


Scenario 2

Business setting summary: A customer has received a product from one of our stores and are unhappy with the quality of it. They take to Twitter to complain about the product.

Typical user story: The customer service team monitor twitter and see the complaint late and many others have caught wind of the issue and it’s turned into an issue where our company are being picked apart for this and we have not managed to react quick enough.

With Dynamics 365 and Azure: Social Engagement is a module which can be part of the Dynamics package. This can ensure that your social media pages and terms are always being monitored. The tweet which mentions your product and company is discovered immediately and using the Azure cognitive services any negative or positive words are detected and assigned a sentiment value between 0 and 5. This score is picked up by CRM and if the score is closer to 0 it means negative words have been identified and CRM can place this in a high priority CRM queue to notify customer service reps of it being high priority, however if the score shows a value of 5 due to positive language in the tweet it will assign it to a lower priority queue. This will ensure the customer service team deliver the exceptional customer service we have all come to expect.