Customisation & Configuration


2020 Dynamics provides customisation & configuration to ensure Dynamics 365 CRM replicates your business terminology, processes and methodologies

CRM in Microsoft’s eyes is no longer what you used to see. What used to be essentially a contact management system to hold some basic customer information is now a complex, integrated and sometimes confusing bundle of fun.  

The table below shows just a small handful of customisation possibilities in Dynamics CRM. For a true idea of just how much customisation can be performed these days, take a look at some of our blogs and tutorials to get you started.

Customisation’s should never be performed just because you can as this is where 90% of failed projects start to go wrong. For this reason alone, we always recommend that you speak to one of our experts with years of customisation experience to help you.

Fields Entities Hierarchical Relationships
Solutions Mobile Forms Views
Charts Themes Business Rules
Integrated mobile apps Workflows Business process flows
Sharepoint Integration Javascript form behaviour Voice of the customer
Plugins Power BI Social Engagement

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