It’s a bug..

Dear Microsoft,

One for you to take a look at which won’t be high on the priority list however it is a frustration with the latest version of Dynamics 365 online. I will be reporting it after making this post.

Description: Making a multi text field hidden (field fills the screen horizontally) and showing it via a business rule causes the field to shrink and only fill half of the screen.

Further details: One of our clients would like two description multi line text fields on a form. To ensure they can read all of the data they would like these two fields to stretch horizontally all the way across the form. This works fine if the fields are always displayed, however if you set the field to be ‘hidden’ as its default visibility and then have a business rule display it when another field contains data it decides to only stretch half way across the screen as seen in the picture below.

The top field is set to always show and the bottom field is set to only show based on a business rule being true.


Description fields

Solution: Yet to be provided!

Workaround: Do not hide default the field to be hidden. Set your business rule to have an ELSE statement for hiding the field (If field A contains data SHOW field, if field A is blank HIDE field).

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