Tutorial: too many decimals in Dynamics CRM – What’s the decimal point..

Over time, customers become more efficient with CRM and get to the bottom of how to add product line items on to quotes, orders and can print out documents etc.  Then they come across something which is a bit of nuisance…


Quote decimals

You have a field such as ‘Quantity’ or price or total amount on your line item or within your quote document and instead of it saying ‘Quantity: 30,000’ it says ‘Quantity 30.000.00’. Microsoft just like to test our patience sometimes. Not to worry, there is a quick fix for this problem.


Go to settings and ‘Customise the system’

Find the field in question in my case I had to drop down quote products – Fields – Field name = Quantity

Open the details of the field and find the value for precision. It may be set to something such as the number five, bring this down to 2 or 0 and then save, publish and refresh and it should look much better.

See the slide below to help with the above instructions.

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