New blog series: CRM basics for the beginners – Part 1

New blog series: How do I get a CRM Trial?

In this new series we will start with how to get a Microsoft Dynamics CRM trial and work through step by step on how to use the system for beginners.

You have identified Microsoft Dynamics as a possibility for your companies new CRM system. Well done. Now before you part with your companies hard earned money you should consider trying the system for at least a couple of weeks to ensure it is familiar.

For a 30 day trial run of CRM and before choosing a Microsoft business partner for expert advice, see our homepage which provides a link to the trial or click here: 30 day CRM Trial

Sign up to the 30 day trial and you will receive a login for CRM online which can be accessed anywhere when you have an internet connection and a browser.

The next part of this series will discuss accessing CRM using multiple devices and some basic navigation.