Dynamics Tutorial: Using my phone whilst driving is no problem…No 6 points for me


From the 1st March 2017 onwards, drivers caught using their mobile phones will face six points and a £200 fine.

Maybe Microsoft saw this coming for the business men on the road with an abundance of emails and messages coming in and that’s why they offered us Cortana for hands free driving! The integration between Cortana and CRM has been around for a while, but like all things it takes some time before people begin to grasp something new.

Now you maybe thinking ‘ok how do I use Cortana with Dynamics 365’? It’s easy and the commands are reasonably obvious but you need to check a few things first:

Your mobile needs to be on Windows 8.1 or later

You can use ‘Dynamics 365 for phones app. and the earlier ‘CRM for phones express’. These will be available in your phones  app store.

Now you have checked the above we can start looking at some commands for you to try. I will show you the kind of examples that are actually useful to someone on the road as lets face it, you shouldn’t be reading task lists whilst on the move unless you want to win 6 points and a hefty fine!

“CRM what should I do next?”  – This will open your task list. (Disclaimer, do not read whilst driving!)

“CRM remind me to email Paul Smith.” – This will create a new task.

“CRM create contact called Dan Smith.” – This will create a new contact.

Here’s a video which seems a bit quirky and unrealistic but it does show Cortana doing it’s job. You will also notice they add a bit about Siri sending a text message at the end. Why Microsoft, why? 😉

Now you know how to use Cortana you can start adding records and reminders whilst on the move with both hands on the wheel. This sounds like some kind of safety commercial…