They will drive along in their BMW’s and Audi’s and new opportunities will keep pinging in with Cortana’s voice being their new best friend..


Dynamics 365 – The Silver bullet

Dynamics 365 is the Silver bullet, it is the change your office has been waiting for, it will fix all of your company’s problems, your marketers will be able to click one button and leads will flow in, customer services will have all of the answers in front of them for any question they receive, sales guys will be able to drive along in their BMW’s and Audi’s and new opportunities will keep pinging in with Cortana’s voice being their new best friend…..Not quite.

Iron out your company processes first

Before even considering Dynamics 365, you will find that internal discussions and evaluation will show some of your problems are not software related, they are internal processes which need some order and better control. Think about your sticking points and once these are improved you can eventually use some software such as Dynamics to further improve your company when the time is right.

Examples: Does each division understand what the other divisions do, is there a crossover a point on people’s job responsibilities, are we all working towards the same overall vision and goal?

What does the Silver bullet (Dynamics 365) contain?

CRM Form and field customisation ability, SharePoint integration, JavaScript form behaviour, Azure logic Apps, Exchange integration, Mobile customisation, Business rules for If/Else logic using no code solutions, Real time and asynchronous workflows, Business process flows to hand hold your users, themes to fit your company’s image, VOC (otherwise known as Voice of the customer), SSRS custom reports using BIDS, Outlook CRM light app for tracking of emails, Power Business Intelligence integrated into Dashboards, Site Map editing, custom integrations, Dynamics Marketing, Learning Path Authoring and everything social engagement…we could go on and on.

What point am I trying to make?

All of this is exciting and achievable thanks to Microsoft but more automated processes do not necessarily mean improved productivity, if anything it can just over complicate things and slow you down. Just because it is all available does not mean you should use it. Consider using 10% of this functionality and ensuring it gives ROI, or improvement in your service goals before enabling other areas.

Internal processes fixed, software in place, started slow with some functionality being utilized, what’s next?

Achieving realistic short term goals will get you much further than setting unrealistic long term goals

Simply utilising the Vanilla parts of CRM can cause drastic improvements.

The ability to import list upon list of company information from spreadsheets into one program so you can filter on it all will enable better marketing.

Capturing emails in queues with them being assigned to the right people along with the right SLA’s through exchange integration will drastically improve the customer service you deliver.

Setting a workflow to notify of when a customer’s subscription is due to expire could help you hold on to your existing customer base.

It is the simple things which will make a big impact on your revenue and your appearance to the rest of the world.

You have heard it many times before, but Dynamics will only really come alive if you put in the effort of getting data in there. To get data in, your internal processes should be sound and the system should start off very simple to use and grow alongside you, hand in hand.