Dynamics Tutorial: what’s your number and email address? Use your Dashboards!



When discussing dashboards with a company they quickly think; Statistics, monitoring and some fancy graphs, maybe even Power BI which is a better choice. But what about a website, maybe Google, maybe your company website staff directory or homepage, filling the whole area of your dashboard with information that is quickly beneficial when someone calls you or contacts you by email? The amount of times I have called a company and asked for a different departments number or an address and they take 10 minutes to find out is more common than it should be.

Let me give you some real world examples:

Scenario 1

I called a library in Southampton and asked for opening times and subscription costs. The lady on the other end of the phone said she will have to find some papers with that information on as she can’t find it on her computer and she will call me back. I just wanted a quick answer, she did call back an hour later when I had already signed up to a different library.

Now in this example, you would have thought they may have a local intranet page that holds all of their different department telephone numbers, email addresses, subscription costs and opening times. If she had Dynamics open at her computer with her homepage set to a custom default dashboard which only contained a large Iframe of this intranet page then all of these details would have been easily accessible, life would have been much easier for her and far easier for me and they would potentially have a new customer by now which they don’t.

Scenario 2

I’m not proud of this one but I once worked on a support desk for a financial company many years ago. A customer was put through to me unhappy about not having a direct number for our team. I unfortunately also did not know our team number off the top of my head and asked the other guys who also didn’t have it. After a mild telling off from the boss on how nobody had the customer service number, I found someone who had it scribbled down on a piece of paper. The customer was eventually ‘happy’ after being on hold for five minutes. This could have easily been avoided!

On the company website you could add an additional ‘About us’ page (the website was new) which held all of the details so that the customer could either get these details easily themselves. Alternatively, with dynamics CRM we again could have had a dashboard named ‘About us’ set as the default for everyone on the team with a large Iframe grid as mentioned before displaying this page and all of our relevant details.

It may sound so simple, but you would be surprised at how many companies you can call and they will not have basic details about themselves immediately available. This could cause a loss of business in the long run!

I have also used a dashboard to see my website and number of webpage hits within my own Dynamics CRM system so there is no reason why you would not have something for your business other than just the performance stats which everybody immediately thinks of.

How do we do this complex task? It really does only take 5 minutes. 

Copy the URL of the website you want on the CRM dashboard

Go to your solution in settings > Customisation’s > Solutions > Dashboards down the left hand side and add an existing dashboard or create a new one


Double click it to open up the dashboard ready to change it.

Remove the individual boxes in there by selecting each one and clicking delete from the ribbon bar at the top of the screen.

Now click insert Iframe as seen below.


Give the Iframe a name with no spaces in it. You can use an underscore though. Now paste in your URL and ensure ‘Restrict cross-frame scripting and ‘Pass record object type code’ are both unchecked.


  • Click OK.

Select your Iframe box in the dashboard designer and click the three dots along the top (Ellipsis …) and increase the height and width as desired.

Save the Dashboard and the publish all customisation’s. publish-all

Refresh your browser, go to sales and then dashboards and view your embedded webpage and give that information nice and quick to your customers!