Dynamics Tutorial: the New Sitemap Designer

The New Sitemap Designer

Microsoft continue making strides in the right direction with Dynamics 365. This is so nice after months of using the XRM Toolbox to change the site map in Dynamics 365. If you want to add new areas, or for instance update the ‘Service Area’ you can and you no longer need to download the toolbox!

How does it look? 

The interface is very easy to navigate as seen below.

Example in the screenshot: Click on Service and on the right hand side of the screen, change the title from Service to Customer Care. Save at the top and make sure you click publish.


How do you access this?

Open up the Customisation’s or Solutions area:

Settings > Customisation’s > Customise the system > Client Extensions > Select the Site Map you would like to edit. Voila!


Happy sitemap editing!