Dynamics Tutorial: lightweight Outlook App for Dynamics 365


So you want the lightweight outlook app to track emails and see CRM information within Outlook 365?

This article will help you, but it will not go into detail on configuring server side sync or privileges for different users.

How do you get it?

You go to settings> Dynamics 365 App for Outlook and you try to add a user in the sub grid you see but you may come across an error message like I did. It was because I had not approved my users email settings.

Server side sync has not been configured correctly for your user.

Go to: Settings >Email Configuration > Mailboxes > Select the user Mailbox and open and set the different methods for outgoing, incoming, and activities to server side sync.

Click the ‘Approve Email’ button  near the top of the screen and then press the ‘Test and Enable’ button just to the left of the ‘Approve Email’.


Check the alerts area to ensure it is working successfully

Now go back to settings > Dynamics 365 App for outlook and try to add your user to that sub grid again

You will see a button near the name to add the users Outlook add in

Click this and it will show as pending. Now refresh this sub grid a few times, it takes about 5 minutes and it will eventually show a status of ‘Added to Outlook’.


Outlook Steps

Now go to Outlook and click on an email

You may see similar to the below screenshot


Restart Outlook and you should be able to see the CRM information here and be able to track emails after clicking on the ‘Dynamics 365′ word within the email pane!