Dynamics Tutorial: this email will be tracked in CRM

You try to track something to CRM and it doesn’t track, it just gives you a message saying it will be tracked.I have come across this kind of error quite a few times for customers. Most of the time there is a very simple answer to fix this issue.

You were expecting to see something like this…


and instead you see something like this which does not change to the above.


This appears to be a bit of a flaw from Microsoft on recognising what kind of state the activity is in.

The Fix

Workaround 1: Either track the email within the Outlook window without the email being open in a pop out window or pop the email out into a pop up window and press the track button within the pop out and not within the normal Outlook window.

(If I have Outlook open and a pop up window of the email, then go and track it within Outlook and not within the pop up, I will receive the same error as you. However, if I untrack it, close the pop up window and just track in Outlook it will work fine).

Workaround 2: (Not so popular)  Forward or reply to the email and then track it.