Dynamics Tutorial: re-Create a CRM User

We recently had a query from a customer where a user profile became corrupt. They wanted to delete and recreate a user in CRM. They were on CRM 2013 on premise so we had a couple of things to consider but it is not too tricky! 

Disabled user

CRM 2013 and above you cannot delete users using a supported method
You will need access to Active Directory
You should consider re-assigning records across from the disabled user to the new user
The user should be disabled as they cannot be deleted in CRM which is wise for historical purposes
Adam Vero (Adam’s Blog) has some wise words on this in a post on the community forum:
There is no requirement in the DPA (Data Protection Act) to delete users after a set number of months. Data must be accurate and not kept for any longer than necessary for the purpose it was collected for.
If data was entered by a person and this data was incorrect or used in the wrong way you may eventually want to know who entered this data and you would not want them to magically disappear.
Back to the instructions on how to re-create a user – Give this a try
Find the user in CRM who you wish to delete/recreate
Create a dummy user in Active Directory ‘Dummy User’
Then go back to the user in CRM and change the person in the name field so it is now pointing to your new Active Directory dummy user ‘’Dummy User
Your original Active Directory user is now free again
You can then create a new CRM user using the free original AD person
Now disable the old CRM user ‘Dummy User’ (reassign any records if necessary)
You can then delete that recently created Active Directory account or you could just leave it and re-name it ‘disabled account’.