Dynamics Tutorial: power BI setup with Dynamics CRM Online fails

I ran into an issue recently when trying to connect Power BI to CRM and thought it was worth sharing.
I logged into Office 365 and clicked on Power BI > logged in – Select Services > Get Data > Dynamics CRM Online
CRM app
It now asks for your organization Odata web service URL. No problem, you check CRM developer resources and find that there is no Odata URL in CRM 2016 Online but there was in 2015.

Odata URL deprecated

The closest thing you will find is the SOAP organization service URL. If you use this, you will get an error about the parameters being incorrect.

Parameters invalid

Please try adding the word ‘Data’ into the URL, for example; (https://msp322219.api.crm.dynamics.com/XRMServices/2011/OrganizationData.svc)


You should now be able to continue 🙂
If you still receive errors then it will be down to one of three problems:
You have a (slash) / at the end of the URL
You have not included the word Data before .svc as seen in the above example
You have not made the D a capital D
Good luck!