Dynamics Tutorial: renaming Entities / Translations

Translations & Renaming entities correctly!

Find your custom Solution, open it then go to the Export Translations button.

translations 2

This will give you two files which are zipped up so unzip this and open the main file (CRM Translations.xml) using Excel and ensure it is ‘Unprotected’. You can do this by going to the ‘Review’ tab and selecting unprotect sheet as seen in the screenshot below.


Go to the ‘Display Strings’ tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet and perform a find on column C using control + F once it is highlighted. Use find and replace to find for example ‘Contact’ and replace it with ‘Member’. Do this for all items and it will change hundreds of them. There is an additional tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet called ‘Localised Labels’ so you must ensure you do the same thing but this time on column D.

You will now need to save the spreadsheet and zip both files back up and ensure the name of this zipped file is an exact match of what it was when you exported this from CRM. Go to your custom solution and use the ‘Import Translations’ button to re-import this.

It is vital that you publish all customisations and ensure you refresh CRM to see that the changes have occurred to these entities. If you would like to change the views too, you should go to your solution and select views and then highlight them one by one and click the edit button and change the display name of them.

translations 3

I hope this helps keep things tidy when you are renaming entities. 🙂

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