Scribe (7.9.0) Publisher upset at the data – CRM 2015

Scribe (7.9.0) Publisher not picking up records – CRM 2015


An Initial import was run to push NAV data into the Scribe Publisher queue found in the NAV database. This table then clears down when the publisher attempts to take the data to the Scribe in queue but it fails and the data is dropped into the NAV Pub Failed queue. There appeared to be nothing obvious wrong but it was complaining purely about these 20 records which we were trying to push across to our CRM target. If you made changes on other records individually the publisher handled them fine and updated the data in CRM. So what was wrong with these particular records?


It turns out the problem was with the double quotes found in the description/name etc. The publisher cannot handle this and if we removed it from the data we found the integration worked fine. This has been reported to Scribe as a potential bug and I will update this when we have further information.

Double quote scribe

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