Scribe Message queue will not start and the queues on the new CRM/Scribe server are not being picked up by Scribe

This was an interesting issue which took some time to resolve as I could find nothing on Google or get the required help from Scribe Support on this issue!

We moved to a new SQL server and a new application server. Scribe was upgraded as was CRM and everything was fine until the Scribe Message Queue service decided it would not run and the new queues would not be picked up by Scribe despite them existing.

  • Every time I opened Scribe and went to the site settings or message queue areas I saw an ‘Idispatch error’
  • The new queues were not showing in Scribe
  • I started the Scribe services and then refreshed them and the Scribe Message Service would suddenly stop

Here are some screenshots to help paint the picture:

Error setting data

Event viewer scribe

Scribe message service stopped

I checked the user the scribe services are running as to ensure that all of the permissions are sorted for the Scribe user and Scribe user groups. You can find details on this in the Scribe manuals. I then checked the Publisher/Publishers I had setup by opening them, going to step 4 to ensure the credentials and servers and database names are all correct make sure you go to step 5 to get around the Scribe bug so you can see and click the apply button once done.


The solution!

Open SQL and expand the Scribe Internal database, then go to the MSGQueueGroups table and open this in a query window and ensure that the server names etc. are all correct.

SQL msgQ

Once we updated these the queues were available in Scribe, the message service would not fall over and we could continue with testing our Scribe jobs.


I hope this helps some of you as I could find nothing on Google or get the required help from Scribe Support on this issue!

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