Dynamics Tutorial: welcome Tour Screen – Please go away!

As lovely as she may look, we don’t need to see her face every time we load up CRM. Even when you tick the ‘Don’t show me this again’ tick box it still appears when you start a new browser session.

Welcome tour screen.PNG

There is a very quick and easy way to ensure this will go away for all users, just do one of the following:

Go to Administration > System settings > General – At the bottom of this settings area is the welcome screen tour option which can be disabled.

If this is not available you can also do it via the registration key on an On-Premise environment on the CRM server: Go to the registry editor CRM folder and add key – DWORD (32 bit) called DisableNavTour with a data value of 1 followed by an IIS reset. Start menu > Run > Type ‘Regedit’ > Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > MSCRM > Right click in the right hand pane where all Dynamics registry entries are and create a DWORD > DisableNavTour > Right click it and modify and enter a value of 1 > Perform an IIS Reset.

Now you will never see her friendly face again!

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