The Joys of the Scribe services failing!

A quick tip I have utilized when the Scribe services just start giving up..

Scribe Services

Once upon a time a problem existed where data was not appearing in CRM from Nav. I can tell you why this happened…the Scribe services just fell over and stopped working. We tried many things to stop this but in the end we had to rely on the customer calling and we would just restart the services. Here is a method you can implement which restarts the services successfully when everything else just fails and you need a last resort. Run this routine as a Windows task every night but please ensure it does not happen at a point when a Scribe job is running!!

The task below does the following:

Stop services: The ping is used as a pause for 5 seconds: Tasks are then killed: Services started again:

To place a pause in a bat file you can simply use a ping and ping an address a certain amount of times to lengthen the pause: ping -n 5

The /Q could also be replaced with a /Y. The ‘Q’ means quiet mode which simply ignores a question like are you sure you want to continue Y/N.

The script can be seen below:

net stop “Scribe AdminServer”

net stop “Scribe BridgeServer”

net stop “Scribe EventManager” /Q

net stop “Scribe MonitorServer”

ping -n 5

taskkill /f /im “AdminServer.exe”

taskkill /f /im “BridgeServer.exe”

taskkill /f /im “MessageServer.exe”

taskkill /f /im “EventManager.exe”

taskkill /f /im “MonitorServer.exe”

net start “Scribe MonitorServer”

net start “Scribe EventManager”

net start “Scribe MessageServer”

net start “Scribe BridgeServer”

net start “Scribe AdminServer”

You should find that this keeps them poor Scribe services plodding along!

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