Dynamics Tutorial: calculated Fields

Have you ever wondered what these calculated fields can be used for? Here is a simple explanation of how they can be used with a basic example given!

Calculated fields can be used with the following data types:

Single line of text

Option Set

Two options

Whole Number

Decimal Number


Date and Time

When you create a new field you can select the field TYPE: Calculated to setup a calculated field. Click the edit button which appears so you can setup the formula.


Give an example of where you would use a Calculated field?

We have a company that sets court dates and a requirement is that they set the following:

A Trial start date (Trial Start Date) This date is a normal date field the user will fill in.

A Trial end date (Trial End Date) This field will be the calculated field and we want it to automatically set to be 30 days after the start date.

Create Trial End Date calculated field – This will look the same as when you create a business rule. You would leave the condition and just enter the action part as follows (Set Trial End to ADDDays(30, Trial Start),

Calculated 2

These fields fire Synchronously: This means they will fire immediately as soon as you set that start date unlike asynchronous workflows etc.

Calculated fields are read Only as standard and therefore cannot be manipulated.

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